Bless Community Services is a social service agency (IPC) set up to support the well-being of youth, adults, elderly and families in the community, through its Seniors Connect, Community Connect and Youth Connect programmes and services.

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*Figures are computed across the years.

About Us

We Help Individuals and Families Live Better Lives

Thereby enhancing the society as a whole.

Our programmes and services seek to

  • develop the potential of individuals
  • strengthen families
  • foster communal bonding to enrich our society

Our Services






We conduct community outreaches around the neighborhood, provide food and financial assistance to the poor and needy, offer counselling services, and manage 5 temporary night shelters to care for the homeless and rough sleepers.

We establish a Productive Ageing Club call SWEE to promote Senior Wellness, Engagement, and Empowerment! We foster a supportive environment where seniors can thrive. Our club offers a variety of engaging activities, including morning walks, line dancing, Chinese calligraphy sessions, and Zoom exercise classes, designed to promote physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and social well-being among our seniors.

We establish a Youth Wellness Club call GRIT (Gratitude, Resilience, Impact and Tenacity) to promote emotional and mental wellness among youth. Through various activities and programs, we strive to cultivate resilience and promote positive mental health among youth.