ESG – Environment

Bless Community Services is committed to green and sustainable living.We seek to be a model of responsible citizenship, demonstrating that a dedication to the planet is not just an obligation but a shared responsibility for the well-being of current and future generations.We strive to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into its daily operations. Our commitment is expressed in the following three areas:

Green Culture
  • BCS Green Ambassador – BCS has a Green Ambassador who is tasked to conduct annual green audit to check if the organisation is growing in her posture and practices towards green and sustainable living.
  • BCS Office – BCS office will seek to reduce its carbon footprint. It will adopt energy-saving habits and energy-efficient devices. It will move towards full digitisation of its admin operations.
  • BCS Events – BCS will seek to reduce the use of disposable crockeries at her events. Participants will be encouraged to bring their own utensils while attending her events.
  • Staff Training – BCS Staff Annual Training programme will include workshops relating to green and sustainability living.
Green Partnerships
BCS will make “Green consciousness” as a considering factor where relevant when procuring services from suppliers.


BCS partners with TheFood Bank Singapore to reduce food insecurity.

BCS receives food from The Food Bank Singapore, which is then distributed to our beneficiaries, especially those who are in need of more assistance.


BCS is excited to partnerUNIQLO on the Neighbours Helping Neighbours project, which focuses on sustainability and compassion. By redistributing prelovedUNIQLO clothing items, we aim to provide quality garments to homeless individuals, rough sleepers, and low-income families, supporting a sustainable future while meeting critical needs in our community.
Green Advocacy

BCS will actively promote green and sustainable living among her service users.It will conduct educational workshops or initiate green projects in its Community, Senior and Youth Connects to help her service users to grow in having a Green mindset and to develop a pair of Green hands.

As part of BCS’s Community Outreach Programme, her volunteers will visit residents living in the Serangoon North HDB neighborhood  3 to 4 times a year. For each visit, the volunteers will bless the residents with practical and meaningful gifts. Some of these gifts seek to promote sustainable living. Below are some examples:

Reusable Silicon Food Container                                             Reusable Glass Food Container


Reusable grocery bags                                                               Microgreens