What is GRIT Club?

GRIT Club is a Youth Connect initiative of Bless Community Services (BCS) that provides a safe space for youths to come together to develop positive self-image, cultivate relationships and make an impact on the communities around them.


  • Youths can build a positive self-image by inculcating the G.R.I.T values* through the club’s programmes and activities.
  • Youths will have a sense of belonging by cultivating strong relationships with other members of G.R.I.T Club.
  • Youths will find purpose and meaning in making an authentic impact on the communities they are in.

*G.R.I.T. Values :

  • Gratitude – We want to inculcate the spirit ofthankfulness and appreciation for life.
  • Resilience – We aim to build in them the ability to bounce back from life’s challenges.

  • Impact – We want to empower the youths to positively impact society and those around them.
  • Tenacity– We want to develop our youths to persevere and achieve their goals.

A study done in 2021 has found that from 2013-2018, there was a greater increase in youths diagnosed with depression as compared to adults and seniors. This could be the cause of extensive efforts to educate and increase public awareness on mental illness, encouraging more individuals to reach out to seek help. There are also increasingly more social interventions that aim to tackle youth depression.1

How and why do youths take the first step to seek help? Friends play an important role in supporting their peers in their mental health. Thus, it is key that youths are surrounded by good company that they can connect with on a deeper level, provide non-judgemental support and can feel a sense of belonging. Apart from peer support, proper care and resources should also be allocated to supporting youths in their mental health journey.2

In the preliminary findings of a survey part of the Singapore Youth Epidemiology and Resilience Study, it was revealed that for every 3 youths, 1 will report having mental health symptoms such as anxiety, loneliness and low moods. The study also showed that youths aged 14-16 had lower resilience scores compared to individuals in other age groups. However not all is bleak as the study revealed that havingpositive self-imageand cultivating relationships are factors that can help youth combat thoughts of suicide and self-harm.3

There is a need and an opportunity for BCS Youth Connect to make a difference, so how can we nurture the next generation of youths?

A real issue youths face when it comes to talking about mental health is the stigma that comes with it. When people talk about getting help, they are often met with challenges such as being looked at differently, or even labelled as being crazy.2Family members are unsure of how to react and end up belittling their mental health struggles or making insensitive comments. Friends and family may also end up giving unhelpful advice in their attempt to help, instead of lending a listening ear and empathising with their struggles, which is how they had hoped they would respond.4

Bless Community Services aims to bridge that gap and equip our staff, volunteers and youths with the knowledge on how to journey with those struggling with mental health issues. We also want to cultivate a caring, nurturing and safe community for the youths to be able to share their struggles and victories. Through the safe and supportive space at BCS, we hope the youths will develop a positive self-image.

Good support from peers as well as other resources that can provide targeted and effective support is key to managing youth mental health. Bless Community Services strives to create a safe and supportive environment for our youths to develop their potential. We will be building an integrated Seniors and Youth Hub in 2023 which enables us to conduct a myriad of programmes for our service users. It will provide seniors a place to hang out, exercise and cook in the mornings. In the afternoons, youths can come to use the gym for exercise, kitchen to cook and bake, do arts and crafts and other programmes.

We would like to have more programmes and activities for the youths to attend to develop their self-image and confidence. When they are able to learn new skills, they will feel a sense of achievement and even give back to the community.


1 https://www.aseanjournalofpsychiatry.org/articles/a-sixyear-trend-of-youth-depression-in-a-healthcare-group-in-singapore.pdf
2 https://www.suss.edu.sg/blog/detail/youth-mental-health.-how-can-we-do-better
3 https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/about-1-in-3-youths-in-singapore-has-mental-health-symptoms-study
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  • Stay Current – To be current in our programmes and services in order to stay relevant and attractive to today’s youth.
  • Stay Authentic – To have a team of exemplary and empathetic youth volunteers/ coaches/mentors that are able to make a deep impact on the lives of the youths.
  • Stay Together – To nurture a community of G.R.I.T.ty youths.
  • Stay Confident – To equip and empower youths and mobilise them to serve and bless those around them.

Our programmes and services seek to inculcate the values of G.R.I.T. and revolve around our strategic thrusts. Below are some examples:

Categorised under our Strategic Thrusts


Stay Current:

  • Baking/Pottery Classes
  • Mental wellness workshops
  • Gym/Physical workouts
  • Bouldering
  • Music jamming



Stay Together:

  • Team bonding games (Switch/Board Games)
  • Outdoor adventure activities
  • Intergenerational activities (with seniors in SWEE! Club)

BCS will set up a club room for G.R.I.T. to hold various programmes and activities at its premises. It will also create a virtual community for its members. Club rooms are open from 2.00pm-5.30pm.


Mon Gym/Physical Workouts

Workshops – Baking/Cooking

Equipping training

Wed Break / Club Room Closed

Study Room + Evening Homework Help


Intergenerational Activities


Switch/Board Games/Team Bonding Games

Life skills training



Volunteering opportunities

  • 1 free G.R.I.T club T-Shirt
  • Enjoy free beverages at Bless Cafe
  • Use of G.R.I.T Club Room, Gym and Study Space
  • Join G.R.I.T programmes and activities at member’s discounted price.