Bless Community Services (“BCS”) Whistle-blowing Policy


Bless Community Services (“BCS”) endeavours to have a high standard of accountability, transparency, and compliance. As such, this policy aims to provide an avenue for staff, volunteers and external parties (e.g. clients, contractors, members of the public) to confidentially whistle-blow and raise concerns about possible wrongdoing or improprieties in matters within BCS. To whistle-blow is to report concerns in good faith on wrongdoing or improprieties that may be detrimental to the charity and/or public interest. BCS endeavours to ensure that such concerns may be raised and independently investigated, and for appropriate follow-up action to be taken, without fear of reprisals or victimisation.

Issues to Report

Below is a list of examples (not exhaustive) of issues which you may consider reporting:

• Incorrect financial accounting or auditing;

• Corruption;

• Fraud, deception or misleading conduct;

• Theft;

• Coercive behaviour;

• Illegal kickbacks;

• Misuse or embezzlement of assets or resources;

• Abuse of power;

• Serious health or safety breaches;

• Sexual or other forms of harassment;

• Conduct which constitutes criminal offence or breach of law;

• Serious conflict of interests without disclosure;

• Concealment of information about any of the above wrongdoing.

Whistle-blowers’ Protection and Confidentiality

An individual who reports a concern or issue as a whistle-blower in good faith, whether an employee or otherwise, shall be protected against any reprisal such as termination of employment, retribution, or harassment. However, BCS shall not condone any fraudulent, frivolous, scandalous, vexatious or malicious allegations. Appropriate action may be taken against such allegations. Reports of concerns or issues and the identity of the whistle-blower will be treated with confidentiality.

Exceptions to confidentiality include:

• When BCS is under a legal obligation to disclose information;

• When the information is already in the public domain;

• When the information is given in strict confidence to legal or accounting professionals for the purpose of obtaining professional advice; and

• When the information is given to the Police or any governmental authority for investigations.

How to Report

You may report your concerns or issues to the Feedback Committee which is chaired by the Board Chairman, comprising of members of the Society.

Private & Confidential
For the Attention of BCS Chairman / Feedback Committee*
Bless Community Services
Post Address: 242, Yio Chu Kang Road, S545671
Email Address:

[*As appropriate]

You should make your report in a letter or email, setting out in detail the background, history of events, reason(s) for concern, and any supporting documents. You may make your report anonymously but that will affect the weight to be placed on the report.

How Reports Will Be Treated

Appropriate persons will be identified to carry out confidential investigations to establish whether there is sufficient evidence to support the whistle-blower’s allegations or concerns. Where this is not possible, then the specific issue reported will be monitored. If sufficient evidence to support the allegations or concerns is established, then the relevant stakeholder(s) will carry out a more extensive and detailed investigation. Inappropriate concerns and grievances will not be investigated.

Depending on the nature of the concern raised or information provided, the investigation will be conducted involving one or more of the following individuals or entities:

• BCS’s Feedback Committee

• An external auditor or legal advisor;

• The Police;

• Commissioner of Charities.

Further information may be sought from the whistle-blower in the course of investigations. When the investigation is completed, the relevant stakeholder(s) will report the findings to BCS’s Board or appropriate Board members who will determine the appropriate action accordingly.